Professional Herbalists Training Program
A School to become skilled in the knowledge and uses of Plant Medicine

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Registration for the next class, beginning September 21 or 22, 2019 has begun.

This is a One Year - Herbal Medicine Program.
I have had the opportunity to teach this course for 9 years.  It started in: 2010 and we have had 89 graduates.  (3 of my graduates have opened herb shoppes, others are selling their herbal products online.)  Classes are small---  10 to 12 students per year are accepted.
  • The course offers an intensive program in the didactic, therapeutic, laboratory and fieldwork of Herbalism. 
  • This Course was created by Herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar and Herbalist - Rose Kalajian.
  • Instruction takes place in both indoor and outdoor classrooms.
  •  The outdoor classroom will include wild plant identification, harvesting herbs, drying herbs and growing plants from seed and cuttings.
  • As the plants grow you will be guided to develop relationships with the plant.  When the plant is ready, it will be harvested and made into an herbal remedy. 
  • Each student will have a small plot of ground to plant a few of the herbs we will study.
  • This is a rare opportunity for herbal students.  The majority of herbal schools do not offer an outside classroom.
  • Herbalist Training Program builds a firm foundation upon which to continue to build ones herbal education, if one chooses.
  • It guides the student into the many areas and aspects of herbal career's, providing pathways to plants wisdom and healing ways.  The student completes the course with a well rounded and grounded herbal education, usually eager for more!
  • The course is geared towards the beginner / intermediate students of Herbalism.
  • Through a variety of disciplines that include research, home-study, hands on experience, and close contact with the plants, the Lessons help guide you to the heart of the plant and the teachings that abide within.

  • "The plants are considered to be our primary teachers and we, the students, must learn to come to them with open hearts.  
    Our journey is to awaken the ancient wisdom implanted in each of our hearts, the genetic encoding of thousands of years of herb usage instilled in our memory banks.  The learning of this plant wisdom is joyful and fun, enriching and rewarding and leads to many unexpected pathways."
      Rosemary Gladstar

This course will change your life!  All aspects of how to use the plant will be explored.

Class Day and Time:(This is a 12 month program)

Class is offered on the 3rd Saturday of the Month, beginning September 21, 2019  Time:  9am to 5pm  
        OR.....(Please choose Saturday class or Sunday class) 
Class is offered the 3rd Sunday of the Month, beginning September 22, 2019    Time:  9am to 5pm  

Apprenticeship Day    (This is another class day each month. ) 
         You are required to spend one day per month, as an apprentice, working alongside me in the Herb Shoppe. 
  •  Choose a day:  You choose which day of the month that you will come to the Health Hut to Apprentice.  The days you may choose from are:  Tuesday thru Saturday  between 10 to 4 - for your apprenticeship day each month. 
  • Apprenticeship day is a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 6 hours.
  • Apprenticeship Day consists of:  Working along side of me as I go thru my daily tasks at the Health Hut making herbal products, formulating, working with clients, harvesting and drying herbs and growing Herbs. 
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Starting Date:   Saturday-September 21, 2019 or  Sunday-September 22, 2019  (Choose the Day that works for you)
End Date :        Saturday-August 15, 2020 or Sunday August 16, 2020 
Graduation:     September  2020  (You will receive a Diploma by Rosemary Gladstar and Rose Kalajian-Herbalist.)**
Cost:                $2000.00 ($500.00 down and $150.00 per month for 10 months)


Lesson Outlines for September 2019/2020
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Higher Education:                        
    Clinical - Herbalists Training Program

The Health Hut offers the graduates, of the "Herbalists Training Program,"  an opportunity to learn the Clinical aspect of  Herbalism. 
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I am not a doctor.  Our School does not diagnose and prescribe, and our services do not take the place of a physician.  We do not use any surgical technique or any legend drugs, and  the substances we use are all legally sold over the counter and regulated as dietary supplements.