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My herbal beginnings...
  • In 1990  a guiding light led me to Sage Mountain Herbal Center and my professional Herbal Studies studies and  a relationship with my mentor, Rosemary Gladstar began. 
  • In 1997, I graduated from Sage Mountains The Science and Art of Herbalism.".  My diploma, from the Sage Mountain Herbal Center, declaring that I am an Herbalist.... hangs proudly on the wall. 
  • I am licensed by the State of Florida license hangs on the wall) to formulate and sell the Herbal Products created here.
  • Since our beginnings in 1998, I have served as an Herbalist in my Community who is  Skilled in the Knowledge and Uses of Herbal Medicine. 
  • My Goal is to teach the world how to use the Plant Kingdom as Food and as Medicine.  (doing it!)


Tampa Herbal Medicine

What is an Herbalist?

"He or She is skilled in the knowledge and uses of Herbs to use as Food and as Medicine.


A student of Master Herbalist- Rosemary Gladstar and a graduate of “Sage Mountain Herbal Center.” I successfully completed, “The Science and Art of Herbal Medicine.”

This was an intensive program in the didactic, therapeutic, laboratory and fieldwork of Herbal Medicine.

Our Mission:

To be a reliable, informative and helpful source of Herbal Health Care information, based on the usage of the Plant Kingdom, and the research practiced at the "HEALTH HUT."

Join our journey exploring, tasting, & gathering the magical wonders of the Florida Plants, plus the calming and yet, seductive powers of being in nature.

Who is Rose Kalajian-Master Herbalist?

 Rose Kalajian is the Clinical herbalist at the  Health Hut  Herb Shop,  Educational Center & Organic Herb Farm. She personally formulates the herbal remedies  for her IMHERBALIST line.

All the ingredients are vegetarian. The plants used are organic and naturally rich in phytosterols, antioxidants, vitamins and key minerals. Many are grown on the herb farm.

All of Rose’s herbal remedies are raw and alive; they are carefully hand-made in small batches, using only the heat of the sun to gently heat them in order to retain the full healing properties of their living ingredients.

With seventeen years as a Clinical herbalist, Rose is skilled in the knowledge and uses of herbs used as food as medicine.  In her herbal practice She specializes in the health of humans, cats and dogs.  Rose promotes health through the use of herbs, movement and nutrition. Ask about a consultation.

Because Rose loves the opportunity to teach, she offers many workshops and classes. She hosts lectures and workshops with guest educators from both the local and global health communities, including internationally-acclaimed authors and raw food specialists, Paul Nison and Brian Clement. She is available for outside speaking engagements and/or cooking demonstrations for people of all ages, to groups large or small.
I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose and prescribe, and our services do not take the place of a physician.  We do not use any surgical technique or any legend drugs, and that the substances we use are all legally sold over the counter and regulated as dietary supplements.


Tampa Natural HealthThe Health Hut is located on a 7-acre herb farm in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Most of the herbs which are used in our herbal products are grown on the farm. The herbs are grown organically, then harvested, dried and turned into Herbal Supplements to assist people in building the general health and resistance of the body by providing nutrients and herbs that stimulate healing..

Rose Kalajian, Herbalist
Natural Health Hut Clinic, Herb Farm and Educational Center

26403 Chianina Dr.,
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

Phone (813) 991-5177   Email: rose@imherbalist.com

The Natural Health Hut is located two miles west of I-75 and State Rd 54 in Wesley Chapel, Florida. From I-75, take exit 279 (State Rd 54) and go west. Turn right at the 2nd or 3rd traffic light.

Street name: Old Pasco Rd.

Take the 3rd left, Dayflower Blvd. Take the 1st right, Angus Valley Dr. Take the 2nd left, Chianina Dr.

We are located @ 26403 Chianina Drive.  It will be on the right side of the street.  When you come to the curve in the road look for a large purple mailbox.

Pull into the Pine tree lined long-driveway until you come to the parking area. Park your vehicle at the designated Parking signs. For special events, you may be directed to park in the lot just before the Health Hut.