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Herbal Beer Making Class Herbal Beer Making Class

Instructor:      Beorne Maukonen


Business Name: Bareknuckle Botanica

       Speaking Lecture with a "Beer Making" demonstration   Classroom can accommodate 30 chairs/people

                              CLASS BEGINS AT:  11AM TO 12:30PM   DATE: April 28, 2018


Class Description:

  • Give a brief history of beer
  • Demonstrate extract brewing and mead making (time permitting, cider) in 1 to 2 gallon batches
  • Overview of extract, partial mash and all grain brewing
  • Current day brewing and uses of historic and herbal beers
  • Brewing with the seasons
  • Brewing from your garden
  • Adapting recipes for extract base
  • Present some industry examples That means taste-testing, Folks!..... (because of the nature of this class shall be limited to 21 and over)