Herb of the Month

Vitex agnus-castii / Chaste Tree

             This is a photo of the Vitex Plant.  Its Berries, are shown in the fore front and its Lavender flowers are seen in the back. Look closely and you can see the berry protruding from the pod.

This is the herb for woman.  Whether you are just beginning your menstrual cycle or it is coming to an end.  This herb corrects all PMS and Menopausal symptoms.
Dosage is critical:  it has to be taken daily and for 6 months to a year or... until you are relieved of the health issue.

Vitex is grown on my farm. 
I first purchased the plant from the Thomas Jefferson Nursery, on his estate in Virginia.  That was 15 years ago.  From that one plant I now have four Vitex Trees.

It blooms soft lavender Flowers in the Spring.  The bees dance from one flower to the other taking the nectar and carrying pollen.   The photo above was taken on 9-16-10 and it still is flowering.

On the coming full moon I will harvest the flowers and create a Lunar tea.  Below is the recipe...

Vitex Flower Lunar Tea
1 cup of fresh Vitex Flowers
2 cups of good water
1--16 ounce mason Jar
Directions:  On the night of the full moon...Place the Vitex flowers into the Jar.  Cover with water and Seal.
Go outside and stand under the moon.  Place the jar close to your chest and ask for guidance, give thanks for what you have and make a wish.
Place the jar on any surface outside and overnight.
In the morning get your Vitex flower water jar.  Strain the solid material from the water.  Place the water in an appropriate vessel for drinking.
Give thanks to the Vitex flowers and drink!

  • When i harvest, I dry the berries, for later use and  tincture the Fresh Berries, (Yummy).  It is not easy to find Vitex Berry Tincture made with Fresh berries.  But I have them.
  • The Vitex Tincture, which i create, has the best energetic properties because of the way it is grown, the way it is harvested, and the technique used to create the herbal remedy.
  • And if you live in my area and need Vitex tincture you are lucky!  The Organic Vitex Remedy that i sell is grown in your Locale. That adds to the herbs effectiveness.
  • To order Vitex Tincture or Berries or plants....call or email.

   The Leaf of the Vitex resembles the Marijuana Leaf.  And that is the only similarity between the two.
I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose and prescribe, and our services do not take the place of a physician.  We do not use any surgical technique or any legend drugs, and that the substances we use are all legally sold over the counter and regulated as dietary supplements.

Green Thoughts



(Quercus alba)


The Oak Tree, any variety, is a powerhouse of nutrition and medicine.  The majestic oak grows abundantly in central Florida.  On my land I have many majestic Oaks.  I feel blessed to have been given the honor to stewart this land.  I practice a time honored Indian tradition of placing my back up against the bark of the Oak, closing my eyes and being one with this giant.  The entire tree; leaves, bark, root, acorn and flowers are used as medicine, food and for tanning the skins of animals. 

And let's not forget the friends of the Oak.  Those plants that share there lives with the Oak by hanging on like the Spanish Moss.  Or the Usnea part air-plant, part parasite.  It attaches itself to the branch of an Oak.  It can seek out a branch which is headed for death. Two mushrooms grow on the Oak.  The Reishi Mushroom will grow on the dead Oak.  And the Shelf Fungus also grows on the dead Oak.  This mushroom grows on my land and contains the highest amount of Germanium.

A main ingredient of the Oak is that it has powerful Astringent Properties.  This is due to its high Tannin content.  There is a caution when using Astringents.  So... speak to your herbalist or do your research..

The various ways I have used this tree in my clinic are:

Hemorrhages:  For bleeding internally and externally, make a strong decoction from the bark and leaves and apply externally and or internally. For internal bleeding drink 4 ounces of a strong decoction every half hour.

Vaginal discharges:  use a strong decoction as an enema.

Hemorrhoids: drink the strong tea/decoction.  To apply: create a stiz bath with the tea  soaking the bottom for 20 minutes once a day.  I have had very good results also using an enema with the tea/decoction for hemorrhoids.

Varicose veins: this tree is truly a miracle.  By applying the decoction to the veins daily in the form of a compress twice a day and leaving the compress on for 20 minutes per day it will reduce the pain and swelling.  I have seen the varicose veins disappear in many cases.  Combine with Rue and Usnea.

Tumors and Swellings:  Apply the strong decoction 2 to 3 times daily and drink the tea as well.

Dosages is different for Hemorrhages versus Hemorrhoids. Consult with an Herbalist.

Allergies to the pollen of the Oak can be eliminated by doing the following.  I Gather the pollen in the spring.  Place the pollen into a glass jar with a tight fitting lid.  Place enough pollen in the jar so that it consumes half of the jar.  Pour Warm, Apple Cider Vinegar over the pollen.  Close the jar with a tight fitting lid. Label the jar with the contents and the date.  Place the jar in the sun for 30 days, shaking the jar daily.  After 30 days, the tincture is mature and you can  strain the solid material from the liquid.  Bottle, label and store your pollen tincture in a dark cool place.  In October begin drinking this extract.  The dosage is 3 drops 3 xs per day.  (Matthew Woods dosage) Your body will create immunity to the pollen and when the pollen season approaches you will be immune to it.

  • We create and sell this tincture.  It is safe and effective for all ages.  The cost is $11.00 per ounce. 
  • The Health Hut has Live Oak Trees.  These trees come in various sizes and are FREE!
  • The organic- dried leaves and bark are for sale @ $4.40 per ounce in our apothecary.