Natural Health Hut
Herbalists Training Program

A School to become skilled in the knowledge and uses of:
 Promoting Health Thru the Plant Kingdom.

Herbalist Training Program is Now Enrolling Students for the 2017-2018

Registration Information
Class Begins:
Saturday, September 16, 2017 or Sunday, September 17, 2017

Last Class:
August 2018

You will receive the:
  • 10 lesson Book set with the specially designed binder (authored by, "Rosemary Gladstar")
  • Barron's EZ Anatomy & Physiology Textbook
  • Herbs to take home to complete some of your herbal homework assignments.
  • Student discount of 10% for  products sold in the Health Hut.
  • Correction of all homework
  • A beautiful certificate and a diploma is awarded upon completion of the course.
    Computer and  Email

Cost for the 1- year Herbalists Training Program:  $2000.00
Payment Schedule
$500.00 dollars ---registration deposit.  (No refunds on the deposit after July 2017.) 
 To Register and Pay the $500.00 registration deposit Online..... go to Menu, left hand column.
 Click on:  Products and Events
 Click on:  Classes... 
 Click on: Herbalist Training Program icon.

The Balance of the Tuition is paid monthly.  $150.00 per month ...for 10 months /  paid during the Saturday class.

To register over the phone:  Call Rose Kalajian at 813-991-5177

I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose and prescribe, and our services do not take the place of a physician.  We do not use any surgical technique or any legend drugs, and that the substances we use are all legally sold over the counter and regulated as dietary supplements.

 Food For Thought Thought...
 ***As with any study that one truly wishes to learn, there is a time commitment and a dedication that is required.

Once you sign up,

I am accessible as your friend and teacher

throughout the entire course.