Tampa Herbal Remedies

Goose Grease 1.8 oz. Goose Grease 1.8 oz.

A  salve for the entire family including your pets.


    Soothes minor external irritations such as burns, wounds, scrapes, hemorrhoids, ant bites, cuts and eczema.

    Organic ingredients:  Plantain*, Comfrey, Bayberry*, Lemongrass*, Beeswax (local beekeeper). *Grown on our Herb Pharm.

    Non-Organic ingredients:  Olive Oil: Extra virgin, First pressed.

    Good Afternoon Rose,

    I just wanted to tell you that I purchased your product "Goose Grease" a few years back, (probably 3-4 years ago).  During these years, it has served our family of five extremely well.  I have used it on my kids often, for cuts, burns, scrapes and sun burn, it works so incredibly well.  I honestly forgot what "Neosporin" even looks like :))), and it used to be my favorite go-to prior to "goose grease".  


    I wanted to say thank you and I love your product.  I love the fact that its plant based and I know it's so healthy for our bodies, especially for kids.


    I wish there was an option to write a review for your products, I would definitely give it FIVE STARS!!!!


    Thank you,



    Natasha Popovich

    Port Charlotte, FL



    P.S. Placing another order today for more "Goose Grease".  :))